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Are you looking for a HTML contact form that can be integrated into your Wordpress blog in seconds? Register at Voizy and generate your contact form with our Form-Generator.

But Voizy can not only process text messages, but also allows your visitors to comfortably leave a voice message which we can automatically convert into text on request.

The code for the Voizy contact form can be inserted practically anywhere in the Wordpress blog. Simply copy it into the corresponding subpage, save it and you’re done! From now on you will get an e-mail immediately with new messages.

Our Wordpress plugin

Click here for the Voizy plugin for Wordpress websites: Wordpress plugin

Voicemail is a part of everyday life

Language is becoming increasingly important in people’s everyday lives. It is the simplest and most natural way to communicate. So why not offer your website visitors added value and increase conversion at the same time?

The ability to use natural language to communicate with virtually any device will change the world. Google has just published a statistic that every fifth search request is made through the voice. If that’s not an indicator of the increase in audio and voice, then we’re at a loss. Remember that audio and speech are by far the most natural interface for people to interact. We like to speak and listen.

With Voizy you get an easy to integrate & maintain contact form for your website. Your visitors use it via speech and text and you receive an e-mail with all information. Compact and clearly arranged.

Before AR and VR and AI, audio will be the next big change in the platform for consumer attention. It’s here today! What are you going to do?

What information is collected from visitors

In addition to the sender’s actual message, the e-mail address and/or telephone number is queried. If you have special requirements, please send us a message. We are looking forward to expanding Voizy and adapting it to your needs.