Frequently asked questions

How does Voizy work?

If you want to install Voizy on a website, first register with your email. You will get a link to the widget generator. There you can generate the HTML code so that your visitors can send messages by voice or text. You copy your personal HTML code to your website. That’s it. From now on we’ll send you a E-Mail with all details when we send you a new message.

What if someone doesn’t have a microphone on their computer?

If no microphone is detected, the user gets a regular contact form, which he can fill out as usual from other sites. Likewise, this function is still available to every user who does not want to send a voice message.

What happens to the data?

The data collected will only be used for actual purposes. Voizy is 100% DSGVO compliant. Messages are stored for a maximum of 14 days, after which they are automatically deleted.

What information do I receive with a new message?

In the case of a voice message, we will send you (if specified) the name or e-mail of the customer. In addition, with voice messages, artificial intelligence (AI) is used to convert the spoken message into text, so that voice messages theoretically do not have to be played first. If configured with the widget generator, the notification mail also contains the context (see next question).

What is a context?

A context can be any character sequence that can be configured in the widget generator. This is then part of the HTML code and allows, for example, tracking on which subpage of the website a customer was while sending the voice message. The context could be, for example, the name of the subpage or an article number in a shop. This would make the assignment easier for you.

My website is big. How many messages can I receive?

You can receive ∞ messages. Our systems have been developed for extremely high data throughput and are constantly being optimized.

How long can I listen to a voice message?

A voice message can be played via the link in the email you receive for one week.

When are payments due?

Shortly before the end of the trial period we will send you an email asking you to deposit your credit card. As a rule, all four weeks will be debited.

What payment methods are offered?

By default we debit the amounts by credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard). Please contact our support if credit card charges are not possible.

How do I cancel Voizy?

Just send an informal mail to