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Voizy is an easy to integrate contact form for your website or app. It can be operated by voice and text. Make it easier for your customers to get in touch with you.

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We believe in the future of language

Voice controls and messengers are increasingly changing our everyday lives. Whether for contact forms, product reviews in your own shop, or feedback forms: Companies have to stay in constant contact with their customers in order not to lose touch. We believe that language is becoming increasingly important in people's everyday lives and that companies can benefit from it.

With voice messages, people tend to limit themselves to the essentials. Quite in contrast to telephone calls. With Voizy, your customers don't have to call so often. This saves a lot of time and lets you organize your work better. And that without ringing telephones.


Decide what contact information customers need. Whether e-mail, telephone, name, or an address. Our contact form adapts itself. Is something missing? Just contact us.


Voizy uses the most advanced AI applications to prepare messages for our customers. Each voice message is automatically converted to text so you can read and hear it.

Voizy changes communication

Easy to integrate

After registration you will get access to our widget generator. Configure your desired form and insert the HTML-Code simply by copy&paste.


Voizy complies with the German Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Our built-in Spam protection protects your email inbox from bots from the Internet. So that you are always on the safe side.

Apps & CRM

Are you already using a CRM system like Freshdesk? Great, we are currently working on an integration. Voizy messages will then not (only) be sent by e-mail, but will be entered directly into the CRM tool.

Your possible applications

Contact form

Classic text forms have had their day. Voice messages speed up communication. Support customers with questions and problems.


Valuable feedback for shorter feedback loops. And that on every subpage. Can be integrated into CMS and shop systems.


It is laborious to motivate buyers for reviews. What if products could be rated in a voice message? Voice to text is handled by our AI.

Your advantages

"As soon as the customer uses language, he spends more."

Take advantage of the benefits today. Are you missing a feature? Let us know. We will be happy to further develop the product for our users.

  • 01-Security

  • 02-Innovation

  • 03-Integration

  • 04-Flexibility

  • 05-Saving of time

Our plans

We offer a fair package for everyone.


0 €

  • 100 messages per month
  • Blocking of email addresses

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4,99 €

  • 1.000 messages per month
  • Blocking of email addresses
  • Advanced spam & abuse protection (coming soon)


12,99 €

  • Unlimited messages per month
  • Blocking of email addresses
  • Advanced spam & abuse protection (coming soon)
  • Ad-free contact form

You need more? We are happy to offer more messages and an individual widget for your website.

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